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Dancer « Actor « Vocalist « Stunts « Choreographer « Movement Coach

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I am a professional dancer, singer, actor, choreographer, movement coach/instructor, & stunt performer. Dance has always been a part of my life, & everything else just happened naturally. The stunt work is fairly new, but it is something I am so honored to be a part of. Personally, I pride myself in being able to work in different spaces with people from all walks of life. The irony is, the entertainment industry is a living contradiction when it comes to keeping talent in particular box. One minute, they are telling us we need to “Triple-Threats” & then only book you as a dancer. The importance of not limiting what I do, is for that reason specifically. I started off moving to California at the age of 19 after attending two different colleges for dance. I had auditioned for season 10 So You Think You Can Dance & had made straight to Vegas, so I knew it was time to put my potential to the test. Soon after moving, I found myself auditioning fairly often & booking commercials, music video, & dancing in Germany for an artist named Helene Fischer. As time went on, I found myself auditioning for a touring stunt show called Marvel Universe LIVE! where I ended up touring the United States & around Europe while portraying the role of Storm from the X-Men. This opportunity was one of the best things that has ever happened for me, & broadened my perspective as a performer. From then on, I was booking regularly for gigs such as: The CMT Awards, The Amerikan Musik Show in Lennestadt, Germany where I sang & danced, The Billboard Music Awards, The BET Awards, CMA Country Christmas, Netflix’s A Week Away, countless music videos, doubling the mom on Black Lighting, & to my surprise, making the top 10 on So You Think You Can Dance season 15, where I got to tour the country. I have also found myself in my dream job teaching improvisation at a dance convention called Immerse Artists Experience (IAX). Each opportunity & audition came with their set of challenges, of course. From checking in with my morals to focusing who I was surrounding myself with, I made sure to make the most educated decision on how I would move forward or part ways. There was one artist I kept getting sent to audition for several times year, & time & time again, I would not book with him. There were plenty reasons why that I may never know, but the way I was mocked & disrespected during the last couple of auditions confirmed that that team of people wasn’t the energy I would want to be around anyway. Something similar happened to me on a several different jobs as well. Those experiences taught me how to place & focus my energy. It helped with how I continued to pursuit my career & ultimately place me where I am today. I will not be able to control who I end up working with, but it’s a great deciding factor on whether or not I will be back. This also helped me realize what I actually want to be doing with my life & stop fixating on the things I don’t even want to be bothered with in the first place. I am someone who does her best to keep her integrity in compromising spaces. I feel that honesty & respect should be at the forefront of every relationship you want to build in this industry. At the same time, it is more than okay to say no & turn down an opportunity. It’s not always fun seeing your colleagues around you booking things you may have turned down or the way it seems like everyone is always booked & blessed while you’re waiting for your turn to shine, but it’s worth waiting & working for something that is truly meant for you. I’d rather find myself in a safe & healthy environment knowing that what I & all who is involved have to offer is appreciated, because I know that to be a great recipe for a beautifully complete project.


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West Coast Agent –

Clear Talent Group | LA 

10950 Ventura Boulevard 

Studio City, CA 91604 

T: 818 509-0121 

Southeast Agent -

FreshTalent Group

2844 Logan Street

Nashville, TN 37211

T: 615.715.6157

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